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What to Expect 

 Massage should for the most part , have you feeling good, leaving better than when you arrived & communication with your therapist is key. Feeling good starts with being comfortable so familiarize yourself with the steps beforehand so you’re feeling as relaxed as possible walking into your massage appointment and leave floating on cloud 9


When you arrive to our location please text (585) 900-1772 indicating your arrival your therapist will greet you and  walk you back to the treatment area . There you will go over your intake form which you would have received in your email. This step is important, as we are unable to begin your service(s) until they are complete so make sure to do so before the your appointment toi avoid cutting into your appointment time.



In the treatment room youll go over your intake form with your therapist to make sure massage therapy is safe for you and discuss any areas of concern or issues with your body you'd like to address. 



Your therapist will step out for a moment, allowing you to disrobe (to your comfort level) and lay onto a table underneath the top sheet and blanket. During your massage, your therapist will only uncover the areas of your body they’re working on. It is state law to be draped during your entire session .




You can ask for either a full-body massage (for general relaxation) or a customized session focusing on specific parts of your body. And remember, your comfort matters. Be sure to communicate with your therapist regarding pressure or if youd like anything adjusted while they are working. 


When your massage is complete, your therapist will let you know your session has ended and to take your time getting off the table and redressed. When you’re ready, you'll return to the front and be offered some tea or water(it’s important to stay hydrated post-massage) and post-care instructions your therapist may have for you 

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