Stress Management For Today's Workplace 

Chair massage for your employees is an innovative way to show you care about their health and wellness. Similar to the benefits of getting a full body massage at a spa, but in the comfort and convenience of your workplace, onsite massage eliminates the need to travel to a massage clinic or spa, and is a fraction of the cost. Plus chair massage makes massage therapy accessible to those within your organization who are uncomfortable getting undressed and would otherwise never experience massage without it. Request more info below!

Increase productivity

Chair massage services decreases stress while increasing company productivity, loyalty, and employee retention

Lower Stress

Just fifteen minutes of chair massage a week has been proven to reduce muscle tension and employee stress by 85%.

Lowering Health Care Costs

Regular workplace massage can reduce the need for doctor’s visits for many physical complaints and stress-related issues.

Reduced absenteeism

         Over 50% of lost work days are stress related, reducing work stress using seated massage has shown a reduction in absenteeism.

Improve Morale

Nothing boosts employee morale like a regular massage program. Workers consistently report improved mood and a greater sense of well-being after a session of chair massage

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