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Jamila Gonzalez 

NYS Licened Massage Therapist

License #020690


Hello I'm Jamila Gonzalez owner of Release Bodywork & Spa. I graduated from the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage located here in Rochester, NY. After completing  the 1000 hour program I became licensed and have been practicing since!


As a working mother of two young children I understand the challenges that accompany  juggling work and family commitments. 

I wanted to promote a culture of well being ( and saying Hell Yes! to self care days) and making bodywork easily accessible. We devote so much time to work, our families, friends you name it we leave little time for ourselves. Let's face it the pressures of the everyday can take its toll on our bodies so sometimes the kindest,  (and sanest) thing you can do for yourself is to recognize when you need a little "me time". So I started a business which would  bring the best of both worlds together; a blend of therapeutic bodywork and spa-like ambiance delivered to you onsite as well as a physical location. 

My mission is to create a custom spa experience while raising the bar on professional bodywork, providing quality massage and spa services to you onsite as well as in a spa setting using organic and natural products. By accommodating the needs of busy professionals, stay at home mothers, or those who do not have time to go to a traditional spa, I can increase the awareness of the benefits of massage therapy while creating opportunities for other therapists in my community.

My technique includes using relaxing strokes,deep tissue therapy, trigger point therapy, and muscular stretching in order to treat the person as a whole and bring the body into balance. I believe to live an enjoyable balanced life, you have to switch it up. Some days, this means being active and eating healthy. Other days, this means having a piece of chocolate cake and watching your favorite show :)

Massage therapy is more than just a's my passion and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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